Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Feel Good Story

Last week sometime, I was tucking my 9 yr old into bed. We started talking and he began unloading some cares…weeks worth of pent up frustration and all around upset-ness. He was having different troubles with this or that, the main thing being he hadn't scored a goal in hockey. He plays hockey and he totally loves it, but this year has been challenging. He's one of the younger kids and it's more work than last year. He's really a great player, but these last few weeks he just hasn't been able to see it. He was more worried that he was the only one on his team that hadn't scored a goal.

So anyways, we were talking about it, and I said did he ask God to help him, and he said yes, he had multiple times. In that moment, I was like, geez Lord I don't know what to say to him? We had recently been talking a lot about Saul and David and what it meant that David had a heart after God. So, I reminded him of that. And suggested that he ask God to maybe change his heart about scoring a goal, ask God why he wanted to score so badly and change him if he needed changing. So he did that. Ahhh, sweet boy.

Well….that weekend he had a game on Saturday. His team lost 5-1…but, HE SCORED THE 1 GOAL!!! My husband text me about it and I was just so exited for him. My husband said you never saw a bigger smile on his face.

When he got home, I said wow buddy, God totally met you! And he said, yea mom, it was totally God because the goalie should have been able to stop it. (He also said it was easy enough for his brother to stop it…geez, I had to be like, buddy, don't put your brother down.) But the point is….God answered him!! And wow, it was just so great.

Happy Wednesday!!

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