Friday, November 29, 2013

Forever and a day

It's been a long time since I've posted anything!! Our sweet Isabella was born in September and things have been a bit of a blur. Between a newborn, hockey and moving….things have gotten away from me :). So, I thought I would post some fun things from the past couple months, and then get on with some posts that's I've been thinking about :). I just love this time of year.

Isabella was born on Sept 12th, after my easiest labor and delivery yet! I'm sooo thankful for that. 
She is a huge blessing. We love her. 

Enjoying some fall fun. 

Ok…we are doing lots and lots of hockey this year! We underestimated how much we'd be doing with three kids in two different divisions of hockey. The boys love it though. And Travis gets to coach them. 

We had some family pics done in the fall. Thanks to for yet again, another fabulous photo session. 

The other day we were outside and we found these pod thingys. They were so cool. They're almost like a dandelion when the things fly away, but these pods had a lot more of them. 

I was determined to do at least one craft for Thanksgiving (could have quite possibly been the only craft we've done in months!) It was supposed to have sails and all kind of things, but we settled for this. I think it turned out kind of cute.)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Having two girls is fun. Dressing them is still one of my favorite things. 

And last but not least, our elf James showed up this morning. The story behind the chex is that he left us a message made out of chex cereal.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I am so excited to head in the Christmas season.

Happy Friday,


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  1. Hi Annie! Been thinking about you. Isabella is so adorable. Where did you all move to? God Bless You all. Sending love and HUGS oxoxoxox


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